UNLISTED VIDEO: https://youtu.be/iAuW-XFYzwY This video shows what happens on a KW88 after installing I3

UNLISTED VIDEO: https://youtu.be/iAuW-XFYzwY

This video shows what happens on a KW88 after installing I3 firmware, and then restoring back to KW88 firmware. The intent behind this was to see if we could fix the custom watch face installation issue on the KW88 and make it more like the I3 with unlimited watch face installs. Short answer: Yes, it works, but something surprising happens when the the KW88 firmware is flashed back onto the KW88 watch.

Please try and keep comments related to watch faces on this post and general comments on GPS, inverted screens, heart rate, pedometer, camera, and anything else over on the Proboards. Thanks!

My KW88 is still off the rails… no faces at all… I’m not keen on flashing so I’m waiting for an OTA fix…

Have you tried the @Eric_Crochemore method on a KW88?.. I’d love to see how it handles some of the D5 faces :slight_smile:

Sad to say I am so far behind on what everyone is doing on watch face methods these days. Life was great before all these watches started rolling in (yea, yea, no sympathy there, I know). I’m also trying to dig out of the backlog of G+ and Proboard D5 class watch faces posted faces for September and October. I’m finally up to 5 weeks ago, generating a page for each face with thumbnail image, link to the originating G+ posting page, watch face title, etc. Then there’s all the new square faces coming out using the same ClockSkin folder method. There there’s the round faces converted and created for the KW88 class watches, and now with the K1, the possibility of square ones for that class as well! No, @Andrew_Davis , I haven’t tried Eric’s method yet, though I’d like to! Hopefully when I’m caught up.

can you post a link to get the last firmware with “changing faces” available, and any link to a video of how to flash a kw88 or similar watch?

Thxs for your good job

I’m fairly sure that the last KW88 FW I posted over on proboards has the ability to accept many apk faces (not just 2 or 3) - I just didn’t try it as I don’t use this method. Maybe someone else can confirm this?
I was told that Sinsoft had changed their view of this and were a little more open to the idea of custom watch faces now…

I just put 19 faces on my KW88 [with the firmware from the Proboards flashed to it] and no problem. I put them in random order and they maintained their installed order. I rebooted and the order remained the same. I shut down and restarted and they resorted a bit, but not in alphabetical order. Very interesting.

Yep - it’s interesting how they did a u turn about adding watch faces. Could do with more people testing this out but I think all users of this firmware will find that this is the case…

@SmartWatch_Ticks Hey, can you post a link to the custom Kw88 fw you use?

Sure! Start here, then look in the KW88 area under the Firmware thread: http://roundandroidwatches.proboards.com
The firmware on this site has been checked out by the tech experts before it is posted.

But which one of the Firmware(s) listed on roundandroidwatches
are you using?

The latest one

So KW88 021/09/16.???

sounds about right

I will test this later today…My new KW88 should be delivered today. I’ll let you guys know my results!!

Thanks @Michael_Hodges , the more reports from various users, the better!

So I recevied my watch with 03/09/16 Build number pre installed. So far I’ve installed 4 different .apk and they all seem to working fine.

@Michael_Hodges your new watch should not need any firmware upgrade at all hopefully. Test it as it is and it should be ok .

@Michael_Hodges what do you mean (my new KW88)?

I just ment a “new” watch for me. I just received that day

@Michael_Hodges I thought, this model is upgraded to add more memory and battery. On how much battery charge is enough? The screen in the center? I saw that the screen is glued wry on some reviews that the 1.5 mm black line around the screen there