Ulysse Nardin Handmaiden - UL ONLY

I saw a similar watch* G1NT0N1C posted a while back and thought I would give this one a try…


Download available for adults 18+ at: Doubledad.net

CREDIT: https://ulysse-nardin.com

Hi doubledad, I just downloaded this from your website (Merely as a test, I won’t be keeping it as it doesn’t appeal to me) and I didn’t have to do anything to prove that I was over 18 years old…which is of course absurd and clearly impossible to do online…but I thought it was 'policy" (For want of a better term) on the Forum, with these types of faces that “Proof” of being over 18 had to be provided or established? I only ask mate, because a great deal was made of going through a process of proving you were 18+ to download this watch, presumable\y to prevent it falling into the hand of minors? Cheers, Doons

EDIT: My mistake doubledad…I see that the requirements have been altered!

No download link at this point. I make this available to everyone who credibly insures their legal age by PM.
Ok, f*** it. Here is the download link:xxx

No one has complained so far…

Hey Doons, the download link you mentioned is not I repeat not the way to get my watch. It is available only at Doubledad.net

Hey doubledad, I did, repeat, did download the face from http://doubledad.net/ ! In your original post there was a link/quote that went to @G1NT0N1C post and it was that link that I quoted from…I see that you have now edited your post to remove that link to @G1NT0N1C original post. . NO one is complaining…I just mention that it USED to be required that you prove you were over 18 to access these types of download…but apparently that has now changed. I was merely trying to help you avoid any potential problems about the post. My apologies mate and I promise you that will never happen again. Cheers, Doons

No problem, Doons. The confusion stems from @G1NT0N1C editing my original post improperly.
And, to your point about 18+ , Doubledad.net now doesn’t have a download link, rather a note that says “Download available to those 18+”.

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Yes, it was a bit confusing because I also made this exact face some time ago. And also the one you linked to. I have now removed all links to prevent anyone from confusing our work. After all, I don’t want to reap the credit for your outstanding work.

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Thank you! I only wish I had seen your version at the start… It - too - is outstanding. I don’t regret designing my version as it was an intense 3 hours of detail that - in the end- was quite pleasing.

Is there a link for this watchface and other older watchfaces on your page coz am unable to find a link?

Thank you

Our forum requires your certification of age 18+ for these erotic watches. Please assure that is the case and a download link will be provided.

Ok does other watchfaces on you page require universal launcher as well?

Many do, others do not, it depends on the contents of the watch. For example, a watch that uses a rotating date wheel does, those with no special features (just the time, steps, heart beat,etc.) do not.
I would encourage you to install the universal launcher - it really doesn’t have any drawbacks.

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