Type-o? No. 1 D5 for $3.31!! https://www.amazon.com/Invtepy-Bluetooth-Smartwatch-Function-function/dp/B01A0SYZHA


No. 1 D5 for $3.31!!

After 2 days they delete the order
After another day they contact you telling about amazon server problem then they give another site to order

They steal your money

Aren’t we insured via Amazon?
Also doesn’t deliver to the Netherlands

12 sellers all with “Just Launched”, Bon Voyage to your money! When I bought my D5 from GeekBuying my credit card was compromised shortly after that. Can’t say it was them. But someone in China tried to buy $900 worth of uniforms from another factory in China. Kudos to MC fraud, caught it before funds went out.

1 seller showing as “Just Launched” now, with 2 others listed… should I risk the $2.57+ $5.22 shipping lol, Amazon should guarantee your purchase

Nope dont!!!