Triumph Street Triple for @Abarthino

As requested… I placed “seconds” very large to simulate the speedometer/speed. Hour and minutes together with temperature to the left, day of the month to the right… Enjoy! and Mantieni il lato lucido verso l’alto!



Awesome work @doubledad

I thought the fuel gauge was battery level indicator but later realized that fuel and rpm indicators are static.


Thanks, in another universe adding the fuel gauge \as a battery level indicator would be neat. I’m not sure if the face is what @ Abarthino imagined, but it is what it is :smiling_imp:

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you are a great …
thank you very much, in this period that unfortunately I can’t use it having your job and a little consolation.

thanks thanks thanks

Obviously doing a dynamic rpm counter and the petrol level indicating the battery charge would be perfect.
But one cannot expect further from those who have already done you a great favor.