Track a watch GPS and 4G

Hi, I got the Kospet Hope Lite for my dad so that I could track him. Now when on WiFi I can see the watch but when using the 4G network I cannot be able to track him. Both on the Life360 App and Google My devices.

Any solution to this? Could it be something to enable GPS tracking using the 4G network

Are you on " high accuracy setting " in gps and have you turned off your app in battery saver so the app doesnt sleep


And unlimited data usage setting.


I still cannot be able to get this. When on WiFi it works well but when using mobile data it does not track.

I tried tracking apps and even Google device manager to locate device.

What setting could I be overlooking?

Have you ever had a gps signal outside using 4g or data only ? Or never

Which app are you using? I would like to do some tests.

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I have been using the Life360 app. It sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t. Additionally I have tried to use the Google Devices manager and I am getting this same error.