Total newbie, got a kw88 for Christmas.

Total newbie, got a kw88 for Christmas. I’ve been trawling these pages for help with adding new watch faces. I downloaded the Clock skin file but then lost the post that explained how to use it. I remember seeing something about setting up a new folder? But after 2 days of looking for the post I am lost. Anyone help please?

@Lyn_B this one?

That’s the one! Thank you

See also for the new launcher:

Sorry to ask for more help - but the post says
Connect watch to computer
Swipe notifications
Tap on bottom of Notifications screen
Tap on USB connected
Tap on Turn on USB storage

I only get the USB connected showing for a couple of seconds when I attach the magnetic charger. So I can’t turn on USB storage. The computer doesn’t recognise the USB at all. Any ideas please?

@Lyn_B search for info here depends on your Win version and drivers, etc