Today i got an ota update on my lemfo lem5,

Today i got an ota update on my lemfo lem5, is this update safe or not. I found some reviews about finow x5+ having issues with the new ota updates. Please respond to my query

This one is safe. Finow contacted me this morning to say that this version should be fine. I have had reports that the X5 plus has been given the same version and is working fine.
Just make sure your date and time are correct and you have a valid IMEI number.

Thank you pablo for your valuable replay. I will check it out.

I just got an update for the X5+, 50 MB! Timestamp 2016-12-21.

Please wait for confirmation about the 50mb update. Cheers

Latest 20161221 is also safe and fixes the Google play store menu in a square screen problem :+1:

Awesome! Installing it right away!

PLEASE HELP my lemfo lem5 don’t boot

After install custom watch skin

You can not boot at all and all you did was install a skin?
@george_vorrias ​ which skin was it?

It stuck on the begining logo (lemfo lem5)

I dont now which skin was it i put a lot together

Should i flash with new firmware ?
Where can i find that firmware ?(lemfo lem5)

The first thing to try is remove rear cover and disconnect the battery for at least 30 seconds…
If this doesn’t work we have Finow X5 + firmware which should be ok to use as the hardware is exactly the same.
You should use the download only option in SP Tools and do not flash the Pre-loader.
However, I cannot guarantee this will work as we do not have a LEM5 to test with…
Sometimes just flashing the system partition is enough.
I cannot be responsible for any issues which come from doing this. It is really for advanced users…

Thank you very much for your information!

I did what you told me and now stuck you have any idea? Thanks for your help @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11
missing/deleted image from Google+

@george_vorrias that’s why I said advanced users only.
Did you use “download only” mode in SP Tools?
Did you flash the pre-loader?
Did you flash whole rom or just system partition?

I need more to work with…


Download only

What else is required?

Did you flash the pre-loader ?