To the darkside, back again, still stuck in the weeds

(no comments necessary…mostly just venting)

Forgive me…I was enticed by the lies of the dark side. I wanted a small size, blood rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, and oooh ECG.
No rom, no root…custom app…arghh.
Ok, I’ll bite. Galaxy4 w/ 4G for $165.

So sexy, so powerful…Wear OS :frowning:

Ok, I’ll do it. Boy was I happy when it arrived.
Until I spent 3 hours trying to get it to pair with my Android 6 phone without luck.
What a lousy application.
Called, complained, full refund.

So now I’m back, get a full Android just like my old MotoActiv’s. Rootable, romable!

So, I’m back to looking for a not-huge, rootable, romable, some health features Android watch.

I keep looking…
(transflective would be nice too)
Astroid on Galaxy R I think, Moto 360, MotoActiv.
root+roms+full hardware…simple request.

Don’t forget Tiucwatch 4 by Mobvoi comming soon!

Yep, I’m shunning WearOS.
Still want: small, transflective (my pebble is great in sun), rootable, romable, jtag recoverable, android solution. Waterproof and 1.5 day battery would be nice.

As I philosphized on another post, we are the cause of our problems. We want cheap. We cant tell the difference in specs between a smartwatch and a full android watch. We think items that are $200 are disposable. (we = public) We buy on style and not features. China follows what the public demands which is why you can a $19.95 “smart” watch or a $200 “smart” watch neither of which is a full android watch.

I’ve been thinking about automating a web scraping solution to attempt to gather all of the “smart” watch specs into a database. Goal would be to answer “show me all watches between 1.6 and 1.3” with round transflective screens".
Again, due to the flood of items coming from China, this will be challenging for anything other than the name brands (Lemfo, Zeblaze, …) Even those guys dont define model numbers well. I have no clue when I buy from China if this version of the Lemfo LEM12 is the exact same hardware as another sites Lemfo LEM12. (probably in case of Lemfo but with others?)

Anyway, I’ll keep mulling over the web scrape to db idea.

The mythical Kronosblade Genesis piqued my interest. Made by someone not in China. Features I wanted.

I paid $200 for a phone but would probably pay $400 for a watch. If it did what I wanted.