Timex Fly-Back UL

Designed especially for @Doonsbury for his Kospet Hope*… Minutes sub-dial marks-off 10 minute intervals while the base hand is set as a 2nd time zone…

*Use it with SL, but some functions will not work


CREDIT: Timex.com


Nice Work DD. Thanks

Thanks for having a go at it @doubledad, much appreciated :+1: but on the Hope (With Standard launcher) the 24 hour hand points away from the 24 hour dial and the chronograph sweep hand is stopped at the 12 minute mark. Cheers, Doons

This applies to the one in the download you sent me in a message.

Not sure what’s going on but with the SL:

  1. The minutes sub-dial registers 1-60 minutes rather than marking-off 10 minute intervals;
  2. the 24 hour dial (bottom-most hand) is set to 2 hours in advance of you r local time; and,
  3. the chronograph sweep hand marks-off 24 hours, one-by-one from 0-4

good job…

Ok, well I put it on the Hope at PM (My time) and on the 24 hour subdial (Top left hand of face) the hand was pointing away from the dial towards the case. The minute sub dial (Bottom right hand of the face) the hand was pointing in the correct position.

Now, I have just reinstalled it at 9am (My Time) and… The main hands are showing correct time. The 24 hour sub dial is moving counter clockwise and not registering a time + or - 2 hours from my current time. On the minute sub dial the hand (Which is also moving counter clockwise) is now pointing directly away from the dial and towards the case. the chronograph sweep hand is showing a time that is 12 hour different from the actual time. So it appears that both the 24 hour sub dial and the minute sub dial are hands are moving in complete circles that take both of them off the dial completely at different times…and the chronograph hand is out by 12 hours.

But as I said, thanks for the attempt :+1:, but I have the real thing, so no worries. Please do not make any changes to it on my account as I will not put it on my watch again because I don’t want to take the risk of harming it (The very reason I don’t have UL on my watch) If it works for everyone using UL, then they can enjoy it. Cheers, Doons

Que Sera Sera

on UL everything seems to work as described except for the hand that was supposed to be 2 hours behind, it is instead at the same hour as the normal hour hand, just with quartz movement instead of smooth movement

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Thank you for your input, yes, you have diagnosed the settings correctly as I made them.

P.S. the zip file contains the xlm in case anyone wishes to change the 24-hour marker.

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