TicWris Max support

I didn’t see TicWris in the list of smartwatches. Will there be support for this brand of smartwatch? I have a TicWris Max and Kronos Blade Genesis smartwatches.

Hi . We dont officially support the Ticwris on this forum . However that doesnt mean no one will help you . Lots of Ticwris users use this forum . Feel free to ask for help

I have a question about Ticwris Max…purchased a week ago…phone connects via WiFi and Bluetooth but will not receive or make calls or texts…will control music remotely and take pictures but won’t connect to playstore it continues to say server error…when I attempt a call it says enable wifi for calls which it is already enabled and if it doesn’t say that it says no cellular network…phone won’t work correctly on Bluetooth, wifi, or with my sim to make stand alone phone…is there something I’m doing wrong or a way to correct issue??? Thank u in advance

The server error is because the included Play store on the watch is out of date if Im guessing correctly. Happens with other devices on old versions of Android (Nougat etc). To force an update, go into playstore>>Three lines top left>>Settings>>Tap play store version at bottom. It should then force an update to be downloaded. Give it time to download and install. It should work then.

The other issues may be down to apns, or blocked imei if you are in india. Read the Lemfo Lem T faq thread on here. Similar watch.