This was already present in KW88 watch launcher but disabled because the resolution was

This was already present in KW88 watch launcher but disabled because the resolution was 360x360 I just resized it to 400x400 (actually there are about 60 disabled 360x360 whatchfaces in launcher app)


@Gabriele_Gabrielli How did you see that there are these CFs in the launcher? Is there any way to activate them directly?

Great job!!

@Al_Rod i decompiled the watch launcher app com.mediatek.watchapp.apk and found them into the resources

@Eric_Crochemore can you help here? :slight_smile:
Any way to activate more watchfaces or is a stupid question?

I’m not a programmer but the disabled watchfaces have a lower resolution so they would appear smaller than the display. I think they were designed for devices with 360x360 display resolution. So there surely must be a way to activate them but they’d not fill the entire screen.

Sounds like a chance to resize them and recompile watchapp.apk. but what you did is also brilliant.

Nice! Thank you !

@Al_Rod In fact my launcher is based on this launcher, but the first thing i did was to remove all thoses faces to put my clockskin engine instead…

Good Thank you!

missing/deleted image from Google+

@Eric_Crochemore ​ your launcher is almost perfect. Thanks for all the hard work. A little refinement and you will have the answer to all our issues.
I have noticed that the battery consumption is a little higher using the launcher. Not sure why yet. The ability to disable the tilt to wake feature will help.
I love the ability to add widgets - fantastic !!
Great work mate :+1::+1:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 thanks Pablo, but widget activation is still not working after reboot, i need to find why and some other bugs too… But i hope, i will find the solution.

@Eric_Crochemore just found out your launcher and want to thank you for the good job, if you need beta tester, graphics etc i can help. Next days i will try to make watchfaces for it :wink:

@Gabriele_Gabrielli thanks, any testing is welcome, widget should work now.

@Eric_Crochemore great work mate. Was it a permissions issue?

Yes, but not only, when you’re not à system app, things are tricky…:zipper_mouth_face: