This is the stunning Finow X5 now. Battery status.

This is the stunning Finow X5 now.
Battery status. @10:30 PM
My tips for those who needs another phone in their wrist:
1- battery saving mode is the best…still your radio will receive any calls.
2- tasker for checking social and emails although this is funny to me due to screen size.
3- slow charge every other might on 1AMP source to maintain battery life.
4- ofcourse i am not a fan of the double notifications on both mobile and watch…to me this funny…but when going out without the phone…you need call forwarding and checking on your social communications from time to time.

As I am using Lithium and Lipo batteries in the RC hoppy I know that these batteries need good management.

First two days in the X5 my battery would be drained in less than 10 hrs…keep slow charging over night is the best way to maintain battery life.

Hope this would be helpful.
And enjoy the Youtube for the most waited Gear S3 watch…launched few hrs ago.
Hope that the frontier will be worldwide.

Happy night.

Can you tell me What app do you use for call forwarding if you have left your phone at home?
I am still fine tuning my X5
I’m sometimes using power saving mode or airplane mode
I’m using SWApp link with varying results
Chatsim SIM card which is not bad for £10
I do find on mobile data the battery does go flat fast so just wondering how you still got calls in power saving mode or am I looking at it all wrong

I use samsung Note 7 and usually call forwarding to any number is a built-in option in any mobile.
Ir has nothing to do with the mobile software rather than your service provider and usually does not charge or cost you that much as you have certain number of minutes being forwarded every month. And the trick you can do is to know who is calling while walking or any other activity then call him/her from your watch sim.
This option will be activated only partially while you leave your handset at home…so minimummmm cost what so ever.
Usually these days our calls are mostly on whatsapp so you are not even using the mobile GSM line at all.

To activate the call forwarding check with your service provider…it could be through sending a code sms or from your mobile handset calling option menu.

Most manufacturers today when they put 450 battery they know how carefully a watch should be used.
We tend to treat our smart watch as a replacement to our large screen handsets and this not right. Yes it is good to call Uber from hand or reply to message or even view an email…but a smart watch will stay a smart watch not a smart mobile.

You have been a fountain of knowledge
Will try the call forwarding as didn’t even know it existed
Shows you how little I know about my phones

In x5 you get calls even in power save mode? It is not the case in KW88…

yes this is true…that is why I do like the X5 as my best watch.
kw88 is really very good watch…but all smartwatches in general I did notice that the only battery eater is wifi Not 3G…I have no clue why.

for kw88 just toggle the wifi and data while outside to save power and from time to time toggle data to check on your whatsApp…etc.
I usually do not use wifi unless at home and going out so I know I am going to charge the watch before leaving.
As simple as that.
The Zeblaze and the KW88 are very speedy Quads monsters, and this is the only trick to save battery…however, I noticed that 3G data connection never eats battery as the wifi nor as the GPS.
You can still get a very decent charge for two days or more and this is usually what manufactures refer to as standby mode…I guess.

Now let us be little smart…the only accumulative thing that you need to track all times regardless outdoor or indoor is the pedometer and total number of steps. You can use google Fit or LG health for example when you are out.
fancy, money sucking health Apps with maps etc…just cosmatic Apps. to me. Easy Does it.

So let us be smarter than smart gadgets.

Zeblaze, and KW88 are also very stable watches…my only problem with them is the number of available Skins, and the current work around this issue by using wallpapers etc. This is just suck your battery very well.

I tried the call forwarding and it worked a treat.
I put my old O2 sim in my X5 and set my Note 4 to forward calls to the X5 if there was no answer and it worked great. Will next set it to forward all calls.
X5 is on 87% after 10 hours and that’s on power saving mode and connected to the network for the forward calls. All I need now is a sim like the Chatsim as the forwarded calls cost me nothing as their included in my contract to all UK mobile and landline numbers. The Chatsim has a Jersey number so I not sure if this will count.
Thanks again Khalid for the info.
I like this community :+1:t5:

Hi @Khalid_Naji , you mention slow charging overnight? I have 3 different USB chargers - a cheap 500mA one, a 700mA Samsung one that used to charge my old Nexus S, and a 2A one that I use to power my Raspberry Pi2. I can presume I need to use the lowest power one for the slowest charge? Certainly my X5 drained itself dry in around 8 hours today, so I’m looking for as much advice as I can get to do better than that. :slight_smile:

I had the same problem a few weeks ago were I lost about 17% within an hour.
I think I forced stopped the launcher and cleared the cache. Haven’t had it again
At the moment I’m on 77% after 14 hours
Wifi and Bluetooth still off but still able to receive calls and text.
I sometimes reset the watch just like my phone and I find this will sort strange things out.
They are not as polished as a Galaxy Note but I find I can do the same if not more with the X5 then my Sony Smartwatch 3 apart from the GPS which never worked and I only used that on the Sony when I went for a run so I would leave my phone at home.

I heared that alot about the GPS in X5…but seems working fine.
Sid you check its connection inside the watch?

No I didn’t
Wouldn’t knowing what I’m looking for and knowing my luck I would break something
If it’s as simple as taking the back off and just seeing something disconnect then I may give it a go. But if it involves unplugging anything I think I’ll give it a miss as not missing it at the moment.
Just received my first forwarded call from my phone to the watch and the call quality was fine. Didn’t have the watch up to my face like Star Trek. Just a normal conversation as I was moving a box with both hands
All good so far

Chris…for all chemical batteries it is always prefered the slow charge method. I learnt this many years ago. So I would go with the 750 as it sounds reasonable…it does not mean that you cannot fast charge.
Also the two Apps to cycle the batteries cell are very good option to use from time to time.

I used the 700mA charger instead of the 500mA one last night - right now after 9 hours unplugged, including some WiFi use, my Finow X5 is sitting on 82% battery - that is vastly better than yesterday. I wondered how my mobile phone (Zopo Speed 7+) would handle the 500mA charger, but its still sitting on 60% after 9 hours of moderate use - so it appears the Finow X5 might be sensitive to different combinations of battery charger.

Yup…all watches are sensitive because of the battery.
So you got it.
Now have it as a habit…all watches will last two days if you see my tips on using them smartly.
Congratulations and enjoy.

For Andrew…check the GPS antenna inside the X5 maybe it is snapped off its jack.
GPS in X5 is just working fine indoors or outdoors.

1 day 3 hours 50% left
Will look for anything loose

I think I need to set tasker up to switch on and tehn off airplane mode as I think even though the watch says its connected I think it’s not. I think maybe every 4 to 5 hours I might try and then time the calls I make to the watch to make sure it’s connected. I know it has still been connected for over the last 4 hours sa that’s when I started to test it. Or is it something to do with the power saving mode?