This is probably a dumb question,

This is probably a dumb question, but I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere else, so here goes…

On my Finow x3 Plus, my current keyboards installed are:

Android Keyboard (AOSP) --greyed out + check marked
English (US)

Google voice typing --check marked

PinyinIME --unchecked

I don’t recall installing any of these, so I think they all came with the rooted build I’m using from

In any case, what I’m trying to do is voice type for data entry in lieu of using the tiny keyboard in pretty much every interface in the watch. When ever I tap a field to enter any text, a normal looking keyboard (must be the android keyboard) appears, filling roughly the bottom half of the screen with a small blue colored microphone icon in the lower left “corner” under the “a” and to the left of the “z”.

What I expected to happen was that when I clicked the microphone, I could dictate text to fill in the data entry field. What actually happens when I click the microphone is that I am inevitably brought back to “Language & Input” menu where I can select from among the installed keyboards, with no option to voice type given at any time.

What am I doing wrong? How can enter all data on the device using voice typing?

Thanks in advance !! :slight_smile:

technical questions here please.

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