This is my second Version 'TITANIUM 2.0'!! Just download and enjoy..!! There will be

This is my second Version ‘TITANIUM 2.0’!!

Just download and enjoy…!!

There will be an issue with ‘am/pm’ out of place if you use Universal Launcher!!

Download here

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nice work - thanks

Thanks for your work!
There is one question, for some reason, the image of AM and PM moves down.
Can I fix this?
In advance thanks for the answer.

@Casper_69 Yes of course…

@danny_ahmad I just do not understand the principle of the work of this AM and PM.
Why is the PM now at the top of the screen, on the left? Then the PM can appear at the top in the center, as on the top screenshot Should PM and AM not be at the bottom of the screen, under a digital clock?

@danny_ahmad is this optimised for X series watches or the KW88 type of watch? Could explain the am pm discussion…

@danny_ahmad Now PM and AM have appeared together, at the edges. After 3-4 seconds, AM again disappeared. :slight_smile:

How its work i download this zip file and import in watch maker app but its show invalid file

@sikandar_alam You need to open the downloaded archive, then put the folder in your clock. Just make sure that the folder is only one. If there is a folder in another folder, then one folder needs to be removed, and leave only the folder where all the files are from the skin clock.

Folder is here but i dont know how put folder in my clock

@sikandar_alam Rocket science. You need software for connect android devices to your computer. Ask google. After connect watches, open drive, create folder ClockSkin and copy there watchface folder. Magic!!!

I still do not understand what PM and AM images work by.
Every 10 minutes they appear together in the center, at the top of the screen. Then a minute later disappear, and then they appear alone, in the upper edges of the skin. For what purpose did the author - I did not understand unfortunately.
To be honest, I do not see much sense in these PMs and AM, since the author made a double clock - Analog and Digital, which already work in a 24-hour time format.
I have a suggestion. Make the appearance of PM and AM at the very bottom, under the digital clock (there are already written PM and AM)
And that they appear there one by one, depending on what time it is - Evening or Daytime.

@Casper_69 Did you use universal launcher? Because i have no problem using standard launcher from the watch (Lem 5). If yes i think that is the problem since i have never try this skin using universal launcher. For the 24 hour actually you can choose to 12 hour format to make sense with this am/pm :slight_smile:

@danny_ahmad Hello! Yes, I use the universal launcher.
It is clear that this behavior on my PM and AM watches is simply not compatible with the universal Launcher.
Thanks for the help.

@sikandar_alam how can you not understand that this community is not for Wear watches and does not host .watch files? Did you notice the name of the community?

Thank you very much bro, i always keep your first titanium on my watch, now also i like the second one, you are best.

@danny_ahmad And can you somehow correct it to work on Universal Launcher?
So everything works, except for this little detail with AM and PM :slight_smile:

@Casper_69 I’ve done this before and do not know what is the problem with the am/pm when using a universal launcher. Maybe someone can fix this? :slight_smile:

@danny_ahmad I understood. Well, thank you anyway.

This is a really nice watchface. looks very imprssive on my watch.