This is my first post to G+,

This is my first post to G+, I want to share about

  1. Install the Java and restart the PC (some without a reboot did not work)
  2. Download the program decompiler\compiler APK – “APK Easy Tool v1.2” from
  3. Download “framework-res.apk” from the same site (step 2)
  4. Run APK Easy Tool v1.2 and go to “Options” tab to specify the folder where you will put the decompiled (uncompressed) and compiled (assembled) files (create those folder saperated)
  5. Go to FRAMEWORK tab, then choose “framework-res.apk”
  6. On Windows Explorer, choose apk file (kw88 watchface) that you want to edit, then rename it (example : “new_name.apk”)
  7. On DASHBOARD tab, choose the renamed apk file, then click “Decompile”
  8. On Windows Explorer, open subfolder (on “Decompile” folder) \ res \ drawable -hdpi-v4 \ then find and replace your files with new image files from any watchface (for example from No.1 D5 .zip file, or .watch file) that you want to use as the new image : img_clock_preview.png, img_dial.png, img_dial2.png, img_hour_hand.png, img_minute_hand.png, img_second_hand.png. (please maintain the resolution of each file the same as the original renamed apk)
  9. Open file “AndroidManifest.xml” using Notepad, and replace text in the package = “com.new_name”, and in the android: name = “new_name” (without spaces)
  10. Open file \ res \ values \ strings.xml using Notepad, and replace text in a field name = “new_name”>
  11. On APK Easy Tool click Compile and find the result as a .apk file (on the “compiled” folder)
  12. Upload the file on the clock, install and enjoy))

Wish we will have more kw88 watchface shared :slight_smile:

Exactly… Lol

Uda ada brp watchface pak lana yg bpk biking?

Baru 3 hehe…cuma ga brani post krn lupa kredit namanya siapa :slight_smile:

Bagi2 saya dong pak

Thank you!

bisa buat I2 gak bro?

How about speaking english? I don’t understand a word :smiley:

I’ll translate it : @ama_bibie ​ ask me how many http://w.face that i’ve made…and I said just 3 faces but I have not share it coz I don’t know who shared the original watcface. @Asril_Tanjung ​ ask me weather it can be used for i2 and I will answer it I don’t know coz I only have kw88 :slight_smile:

@Asril_Tanjung wah saya cuma punya kw88 sebelumnya no.1 D5 jd ga tau kalo utk i2 :slight_smile:

D5 nya sudah laku pak lana?

Udah…cepet banget lakunya…blm sempet diposting udah ada yg mau hehe (yes D5 sold even before I post it online, bought by my friend)

Wah baru saya mau tawar pak hehehe

Ada jam apa lg pa yg murah2

I used the software but nothing is coming in the compiled folder.

That strange…maybe you missed some steps.

When replacing the images do i need to rename them as img_minute_hand and so on or I can keep their names.
Secong if I have a zip folder related to a watchface how can I converted to apk in your software if not what would be the other program to use?

You must rename exactly the same name for all images; if you mean a .zip file of wface originally for D5…just extract it and you can use the images.

do i still need when renaming to mention minutes_hand second_hand or just the name?

in the zip folder usually there are so many files do i need to use them all? or part of the files?