This is my first creation,

This is my first creation, to homage the Rolex Daytona 116500LN model with gold details.

The only difference with the original dial, is the left small dials, that show the battery.

Software used:

  • Clockskinmaker
  • Photoshop


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Thanks guys! :wink: There was a little bug with the shadows… I have update the corrected version. You can download it again.

Nice, thank`s

Great Work!
Thank you!

IS it possible to have this in absoluty black dial… and white

@Djchk I will try it. :wink:

@Andrea_Giglietti you are master!!!

It is the nicest one I’ve seen. Just one little thing: On the bottom dial, the 9 down below should be a 6.

Damn! Thanks @Pascal_Carasso ​, I’ll correct soon

@Pascal_Carasso it’s not an error. The orginal 16528 model has got the “6” number in that position. :wink:

Then is it possible to flip the 50 on the battery dial, just to be consistent. Thanks. Very nicely done watchface.

OK, @Yik_Lim , I’ll do it. :wink:

@Yik_Lim I have correct the battery dial, you can download the skin again to have the right version.

Thanks Andrea ! It is just a perfect watch face…

Thank you… Thank you!!!

Hi @Andrea_Giglietti
I really love this face but I am not a gold fan… Did you already make or would you adapt this face to have the gold parts in silver or black ? By the way, absolutly love the black version you have made but I woud really like to have a white version without gold. Thanks again for your amazing work.

Ok @Pascal_Carasso ​, I will try to do the silver version on white dial. :wink:

Thank you so much ! Super kind of you.

Great ClockSkin - Thanks very much

nice job, thanks