This is a request to the entire community for help.

This is a request to the entire community for help.

Is there anyone out there who received an X5 OTA update during the short time it was available and still has a copy of it?

Also D5, X1 or K9 OTA needed as well.

I need this file urgently. It would just be named and was only around for a short time back in the early days of the X5s release. Please let me know if you have it.



Oops! Missed your call for other watches than the X5. I’ve posted the D5 in another message, but here it is again:

Hope this helps! You were the first one to talk with me about flashing way back when all I had was a dead Z15. 'Bout time I give you something back for all that. :slight_smile:

BTW, have you got an old Z15 firmware laying around somewhere? I’m still dead on that watch, and, now that I’m a firmware flashing addict, I’d like to try and restore. Perhaps an S8 would work? What do you think?

Which X1 do you want? I’ve got w812a_kk.x1.common.72kk.emmc.160414-122116
Will post if you need it.

@SmartWatch_Ticks You didn’t miss it - I added this later when I had a realisation of something I might start working on :slight_smile:
They are all good - but the odd thing is that the one they guy shared a screen shot of was over 11mb. Yours is just over 4mb.
All good though because I want the updater script from within the .zip.
If you can share all the OTA files you have it would be very helpful.
I’m going to ask @Ciro_Danise if he can port the new X5 recovery for the X1/D5. It has a newer format and could allow me to make custom update.zips that could make our lives a lot easier. Unfortunately there appears to be no X5 OTA available but the X1 partition layout is very similar so I’ll see what can be done.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 I don’t think I got any of these OTA. They were from Jessie at FINOW or others from here or XDA. Most I already listed in the ROM/Firmware section of this G+ community or the XDA Forum on the specific watch. I an give you a listing of what I’ve got across the board and you can let me know if any are not in your collection if you want.