These new faces are inspired by ROLEX   Cosmograph Daytona,

These new faces are inspired by @ROLEX Cosmograph Daytona, that I already homaged in the black and red version.

The faces show battery level, month, day of the week and date.

Dowload here:

Requested by +A1 Web, +Calvin Forbes and @Jamesjones_Jones

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

ClockSkinMaker by +Ricardo Romero



Excellent! Can’t wait to get these on the watch to try. Will definitely donate a few bob

Nice one, Ciro! I do not find the folder using your link…

Thanks Ciro, for the nice watch faces…

Very nice as always Ciro :+1:

Sorry Ciro, I was on the iPad and the link did not work. It worked fine on the Mac, instead. About the models, they seem a bit too dark to read… But it’s just my personal opinion…

@Luigi_Pachi ​ I calibrated them on my X5 display , I’m sorry but I didn’t check on the D5

@Ciro_Danise Faces are excellent! Could you post your donation link again please.

Here it is, thank you:

Thanks Ciro, these are beautiful.

Ciro, unfortunately my X5 has been sold and in the post tomorrow but you’ll see I’ve sent a donation. Hopefully I can transfer these to the KW88 at some stage.

Hi! are nice!! what about a white one?

@Kike_Corral you could try to obtain the white one from the green with one of the simple color modification tools on Gimp, for instance

@Ciro_Danise made a small donation from my other email. Thanks again. Kw88 arrives tomorrow. Really hope we can figure out how to get these faces onto this model!

This is the coolest post I found so far…If I could have donated I would have, both thumbs up awesome great job! Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

@Dahmani_Amar we are trying to set up a central donation fund to help us fund support for devices that don’t come to us from the manufacturer - so we have to buy them.
Hopefully @Lokifish_Marz and @Ciro_Danise and I will get it together soon. It’s been in the pipeline for some time now. Obviously this is a different thing as it is for Ciro’s personal work but I thought I’d mention it anyway :slight_smile:

Wish u all the success in the world guys :slight_smile: just know that there are a lot of people appreciating your efforts because u make these devices eventhough cheap really worth having :slight_smile:

We the little people thank you :slight_smile: