There's a new version of ClockSkinBrowser available for christmas :) I believe I may

There’s a new version of ClockSkinBrowser available for christmas :slight_smile:

I believe I may be the only user of this application, but I also believe it is quite useful for everyone to quickly check their watchface collection. This new version can preview the watchfaces “live”, as rendered by the KingWear stock launcher, the X series stock launcher or the Universal Launcher. This preview is not yet perfect, but it’s already good enough to see how your designs will look and behave on different launchers. Here’s a video of it:

You can download it from:
Support on the forum is on this thread:

Soon, I hope, in addition to @SmartWatch_Ticks ’ indexes, it will support my own indexes of this community (which may be useful when the dreaded April 2019 arrives and Google shuts down G+)

Hi, the download link seems to be wrong. Can you update that please? Thank you very much :slight_smile:

@Dominik_B Ooops :slight_smile: . Download link updated…


Great tool! Ill test it! I use only xml editor to create skins. Editing and testing on Eric’s stand alone app for preview in phone, before transfer it, to watch. But, with this tool, it will be much easier!

Good job. I will test it.

Very good app ! Many thanks and happy Christmas to you all.

I 've test it. It works Great!
Thanks again!!! Merry Christmas and happy New year!!!

@Marco_Ferreira thanks again :slight_smile: Your work is amazing .

Don’t worry about this site - it’s safe :slight_smile:

Is this like WFD, where it’s compatible with windows and mac, with a JRE?

@Nicholas_Herczeg it’s a java application so yes.

thanks for all +1

Can’t downoad it , the page keeps crashing

@Jonathon_White ??? Which page? The google drive page?

That’s strange. It’s working perfectly here. Maybe you could try on a different browser? Anyways, it’s really strange that a google page is crashing…

Tried a different browser and it worked ,thanks alot for your quick response! Happy new year

@Jonathon_White You’re welcome. Glad it worked. Happy new year to you also.