There is a few options on Finow X5 about display?

There is a few options on Finow X5 about display? Sometimes write oled ips and sometimes tft.?

As far as I know Finow X5 is always oled.

@Ronald_Jansen ​ i asked bcause i think i have tft

Set your first stock watchface which is absolutely black. Set your screen at max brightness, go to a dark place and see if you can see any back light. If so, you have tft, if not, you have oled

@Ronald_Jansen ok i check it later. But i see difference between my ips huawei P9 on pixels and x5. On x5 i see pixels

I bought this one FINOW X5 1.4 Inch Round Smartwatch Android 4.4 MTK6572 Mobile Wristwatch Wifi Music BT 512M 4G Heart Rate Monitor GPS Watch
(from AliExpress Android)

If you see pixels in different colours than they should be, then it’s a bad screen. It has nothing to do with tft or oled. Both type of screens can have these so called “dead pixels”.

No i didnt mind bad pixels. I talked about quality display. On description this auction write about tft display but on another (which is cheaper) is oled. I checked with back light but now need to recharge battery

So you’re saying that the display resolution is low. That is also independent of screen type. Oled can have low resolution as well. But it appears that you received an imitation Finow X5. Mine is very sharp, definately 400 x 400 pixels. Do you see pixels with every watchface? Maybe it’s just a bad watchface with low res graphics you’re looking at?

I have the finow X5 and its a OLED Display. When the sun is up and you can still see what happen… then u know its a OLED display :smiley:
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Are you sure there is no chinnise on chinnise company finow? With worst gears?

You mean a Chinese knockoff of a Chinese knockoff? :smiley: LOL
I believe Lemfo makes cheaper versions of Finow watches.

@Ronald_Jansen the fact is that Finow make both grade A and B watches. The B grade are obviously cheaper and were purchased in bulk by LEMFO as the Lem5. Lemfo went on to try and gain a massive market share by selling the Lem5 (X5+) at a cheaper price but with little regard for the end user product quality.
As I had tried to tell people from the beginning (before release) - don’t rush out and buy these cheaper “so called” bargains.
The OEM manufacturer was slightly more expensive but the end product speaks for itself. Less screen issues for a start !!

Well i think it’s amoled. Now another question. It’s possible to push directions of navi from phone to X5? Just like that google maps on notifications.

Lemfo lem5 stuck pixel problem
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