The Screen-On Hand Raise Feature

So, why doesn’t this feature work quicker and more consistently on Android Watches? Is it a limitation of the OS? Or is it a hardware thing?

I’m just curious.

Thinking back to my earlier watches it would come on with little or no movement and was a big battery drain, such that you never used it. There were a lot of complaints about being to sensitive. I think over time to correct that they made it less sensitive so that it is actually more usable. So I view the current way it works, less sensitive as a lot better than the way I remember it. Because at least now I can use it without draining the battery.

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Is there an app that will allow you to wake the screen by touching it?

Not that I know of but do a search on this forum. I remember reading about a discussion of one recently.

OK, right…I think it’s the Always on Amoled app. I think the consensus was that it was a battery killer.

correct . Its terrible

I think the HW sensor may be the same, but there’s a SW layer above it in the launcher that makes the choice of really turning on or not. If you install my launcher, you will see that the screen turns on more often because I removed that SW layer (that consumes a lot)…


There are few apps to increase (or decrease) the sensitivity of the hand raise, but they consume battery… @Eric_Crochemore 's launcher hand raise works for me at 90-95% of the time I want to turn on the screen on purpose. Actually, I only find difficult to turn on the screen when i do jogging.