The Omega Seamaster "Mr Bond"... - dial with helical 007 rifling - hours.

The Omega Seamaster “Mr Bond”…

  • dial with helical 007 rifling
  • hours. minutes and seconds (with a custom 007 hand)
  • hands with shadows
  • day date

This watchskin is available by making a donation and don’t forget to put “Mr Bond” in the subject/reference…

@Kenneth_Tan_Fotograf I’m working on this with you in mind and have created (transparent) layers that I believe will be easier/quicker for you to use…
I also replied to your email last week :slight_smile:

@monaco205 :slight_smile:

Yeah. This is a very nice watch skin :slight_smile: Top Andrew

@Andrew_Davis as always - excellent :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Davis Been out working. Will catch up with everything soon.

next week in berlin ( germany ) , the IFA , the world’s major consumer electronis .
The place every year instead of in berlin .
many manufacturers from all over the world show their novelties electronics .
Because many be there , who will present smart watches .
I will go next week with my X5 Finow there as a visitor . Maybe even with 007 Watch face ; )
I am already looking forward to their opinion and views :slight_smile:

greetings .Goran

Wow Wow nice an thank you for the 007 face. That would have the next Bond watch be of Mr.Q :wink: by Andrew

@monaco205 I’ve sent you an email download for my Q “GoldenEye”…

Will this face work with a finow x5? How can I get it?


how to download?

@Garry_Tran The watch is available by donation… thank you :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Davis Hi where do I purchase the Mr Bond watch faces and more Bond Omega faces

@Rod_Hayward hello Rod, send your donation using the Paypal link and I’ll email the links to you… :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Davis ​ yeah more bond faces and in black Design :slight_smile: