The Nguyen project watch... see the link below...

The Nguyen project watch… see the link below…

Nice. Just increased the rings rotating ’ speed.

Try to avoid the “jump”… :slight_smile:

You sir!, you are an awesome person! with in a day of me posting this you have made some thing I try 3 days, how did you get the rings to rotate counter clockwise??? and also I manage to pull this script from the app of this watch face see if you can make any seance of it

function setclr()
if var_clrnum == 15 then
var_clrnum = 1
var_clrnum = var_clrnum +1

and this is from one of the rings for width and height

({say}*50>1) and ({say})*50+140 or 140
({say}*50>1) and ({say})*50+140 or 140

and this is for rotation.


Plz make it blue Coloured…or orange…

as for the colored, all you have to do is pick out the color masking that he made, and then delete the rest, also change the .xml to only have the file name of only that color. You can do all this in the clock skin maker program. You can get that here.

A very quick and easy project in CSM… graphics made using Gimp…
If you deconstruct it in CSM you’ll soon see how it works… :slight_smile:

Thanks @Andrew_Davis

@Junaid_Siddiqui Have you had a go at designing your own skins yet?

@Andrew_Davis haha - glad you remember that :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Davis ​ I shall begin today when I m free

+Andrew Davis​ Hello Andrew, I just have some confuse, as you said before I can put the .watch file in to my smartwatch(make by watchmaker), may I know how to do this T.T, I am from Hong Kong and with bad English, I am so confuse

@Chunkit_Chang Hi CC… that’s not exactly what I said :slight_smile: … I said, "CSM is a program to help you make your own watch faces and “sort of” convert .watch files… :slight_smile: "

The various apps/programs that you can use to make watch skins use some “similar” elements… but there are also many big differences… the similar elements are the .png files… the .png files from a .watch can be resized and then used to make a skin for our range of watches (those that allow skins to be added!)… the sort of .png files that you can reuse are the faces and hands… in an editing program, like Gimp, you can easily change the shape, size and colour of the .png images… in ClockSkinMaker (CSM) you can re-build a skin and even add other things that our watches use… like steps, temp etc… look at the “Guides” that I have made and read through the attached threads for more ideas and info… Good luck :slight_smile: