The new 6580 SOC brings new firmware flashing rules.

The new 6580 SOC brings new firmware flashing rules.
We have been given the latest firmware to test but we haven’t got around to testing it yet.
Also need to review the backup of stock watch firmware as well before we go down this road.
Please give us a little time.
Better safe than sorry.

Further to this there are some strange new issues that come with this chip-set. That means I know that it’s not just the I2 that is affected - it is potentially any of the new 5.1 models. Not a SOC problem - more a new Android version issue - my personal opinion (which could be wrong lol )

My I2 is fine but SWT has the same version with same firmware version - when he performed a factory re-set he lost connectivity to pc/MAC completely. Now only has the ability to charge.

I also think that being used to KitKat 4.4 series watches he was surprised when all his data was gone. To be honest that is what is supposed to happen. Factory reset from the watch software menu never worked properly on KK 4.4 so he was shocked.

However - as a whole it has been an interesting change to the 5.1 android world (with watches that is). Many differences - some good and some bad.

It definitely should not have affected his ability to connect the watch to a pc or MAC. There was an early release I2 version that had issues but the newer ones are fine so this is a real worry.

I have also yet to be able to get a full stock, non rooted backup of the I2. Again due to new layout and new SP Tools. But rest assured - we will crack it :slight_smile:

More updates soon :slight_smile:

Hi , is possibile port this rom on D5 smartwatch? Thanks

4 weeks ago you wrote about the new rules and issues. Did you have time to elaborate on this yet?

It’s about modding the firmware. It’s a lot different to android 4.4.2. Taking backups using SP tools is very difficult as well.

Pablo, as there are a lot of “newbee’s” finding this G+ community, could someone of the more experienced “watchmen” please make a page with short and concise guidelines to:
Charge watches. (and solving common problems)
Open watches (and caveats)
Flashing firmware
Links to firmware and clockfaces.

I find it very difficult (in general) to gather all the needed basic information by reading all the discussion threads. Also sometimes the explanations are written in insider language so that Noobs have problems interpreting what is meant.

Just a suggestion!

Yeah thanks Ken. If we get the time we will try to address this.

I’d like to help if you need it. Love to make this community the goto place for newbee’s and enthusiasts, without being a tech specialist or software guru.

Maybe it’s time to revive this thread? G+ is very F.U. when it comes to search.
I’m looking for the Root post you’ve mentioned before and the Twrp. I’ve found the latter, but could you make a sticky out of them, so they are more easy to find?
I’m in need to root and make backups of the IQI I2 and hopefully soon the KW88.

it would be wise to ask @Lokifish_Marz about this at the moment. I am recovering from some surgery and I am just in and out of the forums at the moment. Maybe he can discuss this - but it will not be easy,

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ Take good good care of your Recovery, the other Recovery ; ) is not that important.
Maybe @Lokifish_Marz ​ can create some sticky thread with info about this topic.
Now go, recover and reboot. GWS.

@Kenneth_Tan thanks mate :slight_smile: