The Kospet PRIME Official post

@marcomdg I agree with @none on this one.
Local mobile phone repair shop can do it fairly simply and cheaply, hopefully.
The Prime is (luckily) very well designed from a servicing perspective.
Unlike the many other devices, this one has almost all stuff like speaker, microphone and heart rate sensor built in to the rear cover.
Once the cover and the battery is removed there is a plastic ring which can be removed and the rear of the buttons will be visible.

However, I still recommend that you get it done by a repair shop.
It’s still incredibly easy to cause irreparable damage.


Thanks for your suggestions

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@marcomdg how are how long you buy the Prime ?

5 months but i used it only 2 months

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Ouch !!! To tell you the true my watch power button does not work as like the bottom one when pressed. :frowning:

This power button issue sounds very familiar.

Yep. Same design problem

before it came off it was the same as me, it didn’t sound the same way (don’t always “click” to be clear)

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according to the seller, having spent more than a month, they cannot offer more than € 63 and they have no other solution to give even though they recognize a 1-year guarantee on the sale; I contacted a laboratory but they do not repair them, I try with another and see what tells me

Exacly that. Just stop making the click

Did you pay with PayPal ?if you did, You have 180 days to open a dispute.

You have the replacement button right?
I asked my local phone repair guy and showed him what needs to be done - he said he would do it for $30 AUD.
I suppose that’s about £18 pounds sterling… roughly.

It’s really not too difficult but better to get someone who works with micro electronics every day in my opinion.

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I’m going to post some photos for you.
@marcomdg it may help you with discussing your issues with a local phone guy.
Where in the world are you located? Which country?

Yes i ve got the replacement button
Thanks pablo,i’ m in italy

Ok, after removing the rear cover and disconnecting the battery you will have this (obviously this would be the repairer doing this)

Then remove the support ring which also houses the button pressure pads:

This will leave the mechanical buttons expose internally - see the little yellow circle:

I believe fitment is achieved by removal of faulty button and then the little spring and washer are applied to the new button stem as a “one way” push-on.
If necessary the mainboard can be very carefully removed if needed but special attention will need to be taken where the antennas connect to the body and the cables detached and re-attached with caution:

There is also the possibility that the button pressure pad itself has collapsed:

If this is the case another spare part will be needed - the button pad/mainboard support ring.
Sadly this will be unknown until the watch is dismantled.
Ask the repair guy to be careful when removing the rear cover as this battery will also come out and has to be unplugged.

Care must be taken to re-assemble with the polarity in the correct way - but it’s not too hard.
This is one of two I have and I pull the main boards an swap things around all the time.
But - I really must NOT recommend that you try this yourself !!
The whole operation can be done in about 40 minutes by someone who repairs mobile phones.
This is why I suggest it.


This looks a lot better designed than the LEM12:

  • No soldered peripherals.
  • The plastic shell is separated from the mainboard.
  • The battery is separated as well.
  • The outer pcb connector has a lot more space/substance and goes parallel with the connector, which causes less strain.
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Thanks to your pictures and your instructions, I was finally able to fix my prime power button. It’s was working, but it was not clicking. After disassembled it and applied some pressure to the spring, it’s like new again :slight_smile:
Thanks again


I have the same problem. It still works but is very “soft” with no spring back. When you say you “applied some pressure to the spring” do you mean you took the spring out and restretched it to make it longer, thus more force against the button?

Hi, yes that’s what I’ve done

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Can we get new buttons from a supplier. Obviously China. But these are probably made by the millions. It’s a very common fault and now thanks to a strip down we can see it’s not all that bad…I know obviously not everyone’s field but some of us have the skills needed.