Tengo un problema, dispositiovo es un d5+ y soy incapaz de transferir archivos entre

Tengo un problema, dispositiovo es un d5+ y soy incapaz de transferir archivos entre mi ordenador mac y el mismo. he instalado android transfer pero aun asi mi macbook no reconoce el reloj. solo puedo transferir via blutood pero claro, me es imposibvle instalar ningun skin de esa forma

I use SHARE it…

yes i press in install but i dont know how to use it

how is posible the app said to me install it in my watch and my mac did not recognize’’

how i cannot use it

hoiw it works

not working… install in the wtach but can not conect with the pc

even in a windows pc

I can not connect my D5 to my PC via USB… I used to be able to but I think that a Windows upgrade broke it!!!
Try another file transfer app… there are many… :slight_smile:

Try installing Windows Media player for Windows 10. I have had very few issues since I did this. The problem lies with the MTP driver in Windows. I also found that having usb debugging enabled on the watches always helps…

not working in mac too any app works for me

I also use the Vysor plugin for Google Chrome on the pc. It works really well and I use it all the time now

i use android transfer in my imac and works perfect. i use mac osx 10.11.6 El Capitan

Al fin es debido el honour… :slight_smile:

usa Handshaker es otro administrador de archivos para mac :wink:

dont work me Vysor and handshaker :frowning:

Same to my finow X5 and No. D6 … it dont turn on… no usb… nothing… it have reboot loop… Watches are brand new… :confused:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 i have wmp 12, install vcom drivers and MTP driver and still my watch isn’t recognized by my windows and i want to flash a new rom, what can i do?

Wifi transfer works

Install the app in your watch… play store… then open it and turn on the wifi to conect to the other device… ( your mac) and share folders and archives easily …

it still doesn’t solve the rom flashing issue