Temperature reading is very inaccurate

Kospet Prime SE with proper location set shows the correct F temperature on the watch’s app, but when viewed on a skin (with the temp created by WFD), it is off by at least 10° F

Any thoughts?

Yes . If its designed with WFD it will show correctly if you have Universal Launcher installed .

On would hope so,

However I just ran a test using WFD and it - like two other faces made with WFD which I downloaded - all register 12° UNDER the accurate temp reading at my location. WFD is set to F, not C

I do use UL

Then sorry . I have no idea . @G1NT0N1C is our temperature expert :wink: . Maybe he can help

UL uses yahoo weather, so you can check on your pc what’s the temp using yahoo weather on your location.

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Thanks Eric… I did as you suggested and found that Yahoo does under-report temperature in my zip code by 8 -12°. While it seems to be accurate for other zip codes of my family here in the US, it is probably an anomaly for my zip code.

Not sure if other around the world experience a similar problem, but it may be a good idea to use Google weather which I believe is absolutely accurate for me and my family here in the US.