Teardown and Information





Known issues:

Yes, all the watches use a pcb that comes from the same solution provider. So they are all very similar but also all have subtle differences depending on the model.

Updated: added more teardown photos and kernel source.

We have a dedicated developer section here.
Do you mind if I move this to that section and you can have your own thread?

Great! Finger crossed for new Android Development for MT6739.

We have a developer section here.
You’d be surprised what is here :grin:
I’m surprised it’s not more popular than it is but hopefully it will pick up :+1:
I’ll move this later.

I have seen it and the section is a bit unremarkable except for TWRP and rooting availability. care to point to a specific thread for development which is more oriented towards android development?

That’s fine by me, i posted it here because it is currently mostly focused on the LEM12, with support pending on the other C7S devices.

Btw, the primarily reason for the teardown was a non-working power button. It started to work again after the first teardown, but got locked again today.

Turns out one of the o-rings (for water protection) was disintegrating and kept the button locked in position:

Can’t say that i’m very pleased by such nuisances…

Yes. It is a bad design flaw and reported to Lemfo.
Problem is that these are obviously mass produced and have already been assembled and sold. :disappointed_relieved:
Retro fit is not possible.
Only future production can be addressed unfortunately.

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