Tasker yes or no?

Tasker yes or no?
I was wondering if using tasker with a bunch of battery saving profiles would be effective or counterproductive. You guys who use tasker, what is your experience? Have you monitored the resource usage? Does a small battery 400-450 mah like ours suffer from using tasker always on in background?

I’ve got only one task running that watches if the screen gets activated. It doesn’t impact the battery performance at all.

I’ve found the same running multiple profiles in Tasker. The battery life is mostly unaffected.

Hi @Fran_P ​, Tasker itself does not drain the battery. It rather depends on what profiles/tasks you run on it.
For example, if you run a task that turns your screen on, every couple of minutes (just a dumb example =), your battery won’t last much.
But if you run a task to turn wi-fi off as soon as you leave home or work, for example, it will definitely help improving battery life.

can anyone share the tasker profile to improve the battery life? the watch itself have feature to turn off the wifi/bluetooth when screen off, what else can improve the battery life?

Some time back I completed a simple study about battery drain - using a “paid for” a “free” version of the same app… the results and my conclusion may apply here also… :slight_smile: