--- Tap2WakeUp App -- Hi Guys..

— Tap2WakeUp App –

Hi Guys…
Just play around with Tasker and made a simple apk, named Tap2WakeUp.
The concept is waking up the watch by tapping the screen. I use black mask overlay to cover the screen that actually is on already, simply tap the screen to destroy this mask.
I don’t know how it will drain the battery, so please help me test it.

This app should work with Conspire Screen On (wake up by shaking wrist).

Just grab the apk in the link provided… Hope it could be useful for some people here…

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will try, thanks:)

its not working on IQI i2

X3 (D5) not working

@Febri_Iswanto in which folder do i have to place the apk on the watch?

i checked it, its wothless because the tapping works only if u turn the screen on or (how its shown in the video) u use the device with the movementsensor which turns your screen on and then u have to tap on it again. So its completely useless dont try it

@FutuReality yes you are correct as I tell in the description it is working with movement sensor on… This apk I made just to prevent the watch keep turning on when we didn’t notice moving our hand (based on some people case in this community). In my opinion, at least it might reduce battery consumption (with anyone help to test it). I just play around and trying to share what I have in my watch. Of course it is not always useful for all people… Happy sharing… :slight_smile:

Do not make no.1 d5 breaks