sugestion to our mods please delete all requests where ppl ask for something to

sugestion to our mods please delete all requests where ppl ask for something to get for free and who do not say please or thanks in advance, maybe then there will be a learning effect and they understand why their threads were deleted. Greets

hmm… @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 @Eric_Crochemore ?

@zsolt_m an other solution with no work included for the mods that we designer or maker just ignore this kind of posts where ppl cant say please and or thanks and thats it :slight_smile: Greets

…maybe the “magic word” help.

@zsolt_m nah i have enough to teach ppl basic behavior their parents should do this or they should learn on their own. I will just ignore such posts in the future. Greets!

In my modest opinion, direct deleting of the post make us have no better manners than that people. I think everybody deserves a second chance, so I agree with zsolt about reminding to add “the magic word”.

Of course, each designer has the right to directly ignore those kinds of requests.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m very annoying with those kind of people.

@Toni_Cabrera_Ceballo thats why i started this discussion i am of course interested in your guys opinion! I just seen a rise in request without basic manners and in my opinion sorry no second chance for ppl above 5 years becaused it should be standart if you are above that age!

@Jurgen_Oberst Agree… good manners is basic for respect. Regards, to all , and a pleasant weekend :slight_smile:

@Toni_Cabrera_Ceballo since their post would be deleted and its not a ban so yes they have a second chance to do a propper request next time without someone who has to remind them first :slight_smile: But as i said i will just ignore that requests and problem is solved for me. Greets!

@Jurgen_Oberst Well, if you delete a post to someone just because it hasn’t said “please”, you are not giving to that person the opportunity to know why the post has been deleted. However if you remind him to say thanks, you’re giving the chance to correct that behaviour. I don’t see anything wrong about that.

But, as I said before, designers have the chance of not attending those requests.

Well, these are only different points of view dear and appreciated colleague.

@Toni_Cabrera_Ceballo You are absolutely right that ppl who made the request would be confused and dont know why their post vanished maybe if this would be mentioned in the Community rules that such post would be removed because of that more ppl would read the rules and this could solve more problems on this group like ppl asking bout .watch files all the time. Greets!

@zsolt_m @Eric_Crochemore @sonia_sophie_ataunna

I will be adding a section to the community rules for this.

In this case once I have added it we can refer the person to the rules and give them a chance to get some manners.

What do we think of that idea?

First post and rules have been updated. In future we will point people with bad manners to this post - if they continue to ignore it then this is not the community for them and they will be removed

Allright, we work with the new rules. Thx.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 yep sounds good! And good morning everyone :grin: