Steelers Logo watch face

My fourth watch face done on watchface designer is my best so far. This is my first watch face with watch hands completely design my me (minus the second hand). All the colors used in the design off of the logo are actual team color codes being used. Stock launcher. Enjoy.


Additional credits to both Art Rooney & the Pittsburgh Steelers Organization.
steeler watch


Hi and thanks for the three faces you posted today . You are obviously are not aware but you need to add a credit link to all clockskin posts where applicable . Have a look on the forum how other users have done this with a link . Its important . For example your " jabba jaws clockskin " needs a credit to Warner Brother Entertaunment . Keep up the good work :+1:

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Got jabber 0ff of a generic toon site for transparent backgrounds, like I said in description that back ground consist of at least 5 layers but lo0ks like a real photo. But in the future ill keep that in mind then. Thanx

It doesnt matter where you got it from . The same rules apply . Thanks

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@Labby great work I like how the color pops. Looks like your on your way to being a amazing watch face maker. Thank you. Would like to know if you would be willing to tackle making a Carolina Panthers watch face?

just got done working and I’m off tomorrow, yeah i can work on it tonight and i’ll see what I can come up with for you. but it will have all actual team colors being used as well