Star Watch Gate I’ve started to make a 1 minute video of my skins;

Star Watch Gate
I’ve started to make a 1 minute video of my skins; my animations usually play out over this period. I use Android Studio for this. You can record your watch screen via USB for up to 3 min and means you don’t need a shaky hand held video.

Awesome work!

@Andrew_Somers really nice mate. Your work is inspiring :slight_smile:

Man, your work is awesome, please do a tutorial on how to do watchfaces with GIFs that play every minute, or give me tips, thank you.

Your watchface works on NO1 D5 +, watchfaces with GIFs made in WFD do not work on NO1 D5 +, I need to learn your method.

@Eliabe_dos_Santos this face was made for the stock launcher

Thanks @Eliabe_dos_Santos , Glad you like them. All my designs run on the stock engine. No GIFs here. I like the challenge of seeing how far I can push the limits of the stock engine.
A lot of mine use a combination of masks and panels rotating under them. You won’t be able to get anything like full GIF playback, but you can still get some interesting effects.
For this one there is some more explanation on the original post here:
Maybe I’ll do a tutorial. I’m happy to explain how I did any effect if you have a specific question.
Also, @Andrew_Davis has some good techniques too. In the heady days of past there was a bit of a creative arms race going on.

@Andrew_Somers ahh, the good old days of pushing CSM to its limits :slight_smile:
Thanks mate and I miss your work and advice for the new guys :+1:

@Andrew_Somers , Thanks for your attention, I have some doubts, you do your watchfaces in which program? android studio? And what is stock engine?

The stock engine/launcher is what comes standard on the D5/X5 series watches. Watch faces are built using an XML script which the launcher reads to render the watch face. There’s information on this forum about how it operates. Sorry if I’m telling you things you already know. The Kingwear and others don’t have this launcher, so for these, a launcher was created (Eric’s launcher) that would allow watch faces created for the D5/X5 to run on these watches as well. It was later extended to be able to play GIFs.
I do all my graphics in GIMP and hand craft the XML and use CSM to check placement. I have also written a program using Android Studio to render these watch faces on an Android Wear watch. It will also run on a phone so that the watch face is displayed as active wallpaper.

@Andrew_Somers some goog news is that the KingWear and other watches have now adopted the same (almost) face engine. There are a couple of anomalies but on the whole they are almost the same now.