STANDALONE APK conversion of +Sérgio Paulo watchface contribution for the KW98 release.

STANDALONE APK conversion of +Sérgio Paulo watchface contribution for the KW98 release.

I gave it a tempory name: “PFP98”

THIS IS A STANDALONE WATCHFACE APP to be installed on all Android smartwatches.

Graphic Design: +Sérgio Paulo (I’m having trouble adding the correct person to G+)
Programming: @Kenneth_Tan_Fotograf

This watchface APK is free to distribute.



Good work! But I would change the “installed on all” there’s nothing to be installed anymore on the KW88 as CF is concerned. Our it must be your Apk still keeps working on it… In that case not only good but great work! :wink:

@Kenneth_Tan_Fotograf for PRESIDENT

Well, seeing that HC is a crook and could possible go to jail and DT is a shitface, if I step in now, I might make it and be president of the USA in 2017.

@Martin_Nijhuis martin, you are complete wrong. THIS IS NOT an add-on APK for the Stock Launcher. This is a STANDALONE APK.
This should work on all smartwatches.
But, maybe I missed something and no app is allowed to be installed on the KW88???
That would be the end of Kingwear I guess.
Please check this again.

But In USA you can vote…in Italy no more…:slight_smile:

Haha… I think after this anyone can… Look at the world in total what kind of people are in power now… All believe only in themselves in stead in their people they are supposed to serve… Letting them die or starve… Telling them lies on daily basis so everyone believes it to be truth… Etc etc… But that’s another forum :wink:

@Kenneth_Tan I’ll go and install in a few.
But I haven’t updated the fw to the fucked-up one so it’ll probably work fine.
Sorry… My bad… I was talkin about the cf not being able to add them with apk anymore… Stand alone always will work… I think… I hope… Never know with Sinsoft

@Martin_Nijhuis Believe it or not, I’m still on 160729. Watch works, battery life is excellent. Ok sometimes it reboot’s. But so does my IQI I2.
I don’t care watch works. (Well there are some serious material issues to be solved)

@Kenneth_Tan yep - as I keep saying to people - if you don’t have an issue don’t update. There’s no good reason to at the moment

I updated to latest versión because I had 5-7 restarts eveyday. I have lost all apks in in stock launcher faces but in 3 days I have only had one restart.
I have now this new face from Kenneth Tann and this watch face is excellent

A lot more where this one came from. Go Novalauncher and create your own smartwatch