Sorry for the delay but here it is:

Sorry for the delay but here it is:
Patek Philippe World Time 175th Anniversary Limited Edition
5575 Moonphase

The Black Moonphase enabled tribute skin to my previous one,
made after the infamous watch by

Clockskin remade from scratch, Moonphase Icons (and the camouflaged weather icons) from my previous projects.

There are two folders in this zip, one is the Clockskin and one is the outer dials to change to your timezone.
The clock is set to GMT+1 (my homezone), if you want to change it to your timezone simply replace the gmt.png with the appropriate file from the enclosed folder. And don’t forget to rename it to gmt.png :wink:

Thanks go out to the usual suspects:
@Lokifish_Marz for his tireless work for the community (and for writing the howto that helped me a lot!)
If you want to support this community head over to

Ricardo Romero for the one and only Clockskin Maker
If you want to support:

@Ciro_Danise @Andrew_Davis @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 and all the others working tirelessly to bring new skins to our clocks.

Rock on!

very very nice!!

I think it’s my favorite! Just the weather icons do not integrate as nicely as the moon phase. But thanks. I did not receive my watch so far but I wrote a JavaScript renderer to test the faces in my browser… cool!

like very much

do you have anything for the Indian time zone?

love it!! amazing job

Can this be converted to apk file? Thank you

Was offline for some days, thanks for the response and likes, some quick answers:
@Julien_Ortega The weather icons are just standard ones I always use but had to give them the black “halo” so they are still readable. Still looking for better and more stylish icons though…
@Sachin_Shinde Timezones are included for gmt+xx hours, sadly I didn*t know that there are “half hour” timezones too! As you are the first to tell me about my mistake I rigged a quick one for you, hope it’s OK:
@Enrique_G_Llagas I don’t know how to convert a “standard” clockskin to .apk but I think this topic has been discussed here (and there is an app for this ^^)

And for all other folks who want to create their own half hour timezone the Photoshop File, layered with the cities. GMT is set as base, for every + hour rotate the folder -15 degrees (so for India for example this would be 15x5.5= -82,5 degrees) Change the cities to your liking and save as gmt.png
Have fun :slight_smile:

Thank you! That is great!

Thanks Haggis.

This is a nice watchface but I have a problem with it that I also facing with the only moonphase showing watchface that is stock on the No.1 D5/ D5+. The moonphase is presented wrong (actually we have newmoon in Europe and the watch is showing fullmoon. I wonder about no one is complaining about this issue. I tried to make a watchface myself and it is also not working proper. And finally I`m afraid that the coding is wrong the raising moon is the descending moon and vice versa.

Thanks for the info - I just took the coding from the stock one. Question to all lunatics (hrhrhr…) out there: Is the moon-phase the same all over the world or is there any difference? Perhaps I could then adjust for the differences…

Good point I don’t know either but expect that it’s change at the equator

OK, did some research - the moon phase itself is the same all over the world. BUT: It looks different north and south of the equator. So the icons are theoretically correct but mirrored

So your waxing moon is my waning moon that makes sense. But in the end for me it doesn’t matter. On my watch it always stays full moon :confused:

Very nice. Great job

Nice and work perfect…!!!