Sorry for the absence and the wait, again!

Sorry for the absence. We had a crazy fire on our property. It was on the landlord’s side. A trailer caught fire and took out another building on the property, a house that our landlord was working on for himself. In any case, everyone is fine, but we’ve been out of power since Monday night. We have running water and heat for the house, but no lights and no warm water or stove. Needless to say, it’s been a crazy few days. We have a generator for power, but it’s only powering our refrigerator, a tv,.a roku and our WiFi. We also have enough bricks to charge our phones, power banks and rechargeable lights(torches for those in the UK), although not all at the same time. Thank goodness that we’re on spring break, so we don’t have to worry about schoolwork, but without power, I haven’t been able to get any work done. I am hoping to get Codename: Atlantica done, but until we get power up, I’m powerless in more ways than one. We’re currently waiting on a permit for the electric company to reconnect the meter. Probably not until Monday, but we’re hoping for earlier. We are currently on the emergency list so as soon as that permit comes in, they’ll reconnect us.! Here’s a few pics:

Anyways, hopefully we’ll be up and running soon and I can finish and post UDK 002. Thank y’all for your understanding and hope y’all had, or are still having a wonderful spring break, at least within reason.


Uhhhh… HOLY SHIT! :scream:

I’m glad you are O.K.!


I am very sorry for this news … I am glad that you are well

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