Sorry for my english translated from google,

Sorry for my english translated from google,
I bought a q3 finow and I’m annoyed that it does not do the simple functions that a smartwatch does, like pebble. Even installing M2d, that did not make me happy. I do not know what to do, I do not know if I expect to leave android 5.1 to improve things, but I am thinking of selling this beautiful watch. What do you guys think about all this?

I don’t know what you were looking for when you bought the watch. The problem could be that you are looking for a tethering watch, like a Pebble, Android Wear or an Apple Watch. These are standalone watch, with limited tethering capacity and a lot of other features that those watches don’t have. Forums like this are trying to improve some apps so they could work propperly on our watches, but tethering wise you should probably buy an Android Wear watch.

Yes, I was looking for an android wear, but I thought what pure android could do. I know of the work that many in improving the system, but is that so far everything I have seen, is getting lost. Please, in your opinion, why is this watch good? I wanted to hear opinions.

When I bough my Finow X5 I was looking for a gadget that could help me leave my phone on my locker while I’m training at the gym. I use M2D for tethering and I have all the apps I need on my watch. I can even make calls from my watch using its SIM card. I don’t know man, I love my Finow. The development of a complete tethering app is in its early stage, so we could see an improvement in the near future.

I understand you and it seems that your needs need this watch. I will continue with it for a week before deciding to see it, It is very beautiful, but not having certain functions that an android wear has, makes me have the foot up. Would you have any tips on an android wear of up to 100 usd?.

I love my q3. Just the possibility to change skin as you wish with this community has no price… Plus the watch itself is very beautiful.

i do’nt understand the reason for the post because you did’nt say much what is bothering you but from reading the comments i understood, these watches can do as any Wear watches do and more, for tethering you have the installed app or the M2D which allows you to reply to some apps, it has watch faces and you can install any app with out the need of the phone, you can add sim or not, it has gps most other smartwatches do’nt have only, WHAT did’nt you like about these watches?
even battery life is good and with connectivities on it has really good life that others do’nt.