Somme ideas to improve android watches

I bought a LEMFO LEM T smart watch after seeing all the great reviews and my third Pebble starting to wear out. I saw some SmartWatchTicks videos on YouTube about the LEMFO products and the WiiWatch app. He stated that some O.S. improvements were because of the recommendations from this site. So, I would like to input some future recommendations.

  1. For watches that have a back button. Allow multi-press combinations to improve functionality
    hold = app drawer
    single tap = go back
    single tap + hold = bring up android switcher
    double tap = bring up volume control UI
    (this is really needed for video apps without volume control!!!)
    double tap + hold = custom shortcut
    triple tap = custom shortcut 2

  2. Ability to reposition icons in order the user want’s or alphabetical. Right now it’s a pain to find a specific app sometimes if there are many apps. This could be added under the Settings - App List Style. Change name to App List and then edit the order from this menu.

  3. Add an option for HTML/CSS/JS watchfaces. This would allow people to make simple custom watchfaces and share them with others.

  4. Lastly, add Bluetooth tethering to the WiiWatch 2 app. I know this is possible. I was able to pull short things like sports scores, weather, etc. from the Internet using Bluetooth on my Pebble. I know Bluetooth is slower than WiFi in most cases, but it would add more functionality when not in the area of WiFi.


G’day Mystic, Welcome to the Forum! Some interesting ideas there mate. Although adding multi-press combinations to the back button could perhaps cause more problems that it’s worth…going by the amount of “Button failure” that a lot of members are having with their watches.
Giving the user the ability to re position the icons to a personal preference sounds like a good idea.
I don’t have much experience in watch face design or Bluetooth & WiFI so others with more knowledge about this could comment on those suggestions.
But a good post, because it will engender conversation and ideas about what could be added to watches and that can only be a good thing. Cheers, Doons

  1. Making watchfaces with the use of html, css and javascript would be more difficult than the solutions we have right now. If you want you can make watchfaces by writing the xmls yourself or you can use a program like watchfacedesigner or clockskinmaker

  2. it’s advised to use watchdroid instead of wiiwatch


Problem with Watch Droid is that it’s not available for iOS. I’ve been using an iPhone since the iPhone 4.

ah right, good point