Something is happening, maybe you can help me

I can’t access the new topic or replay posts from the FAW international firmware section. Please can you help me …

Try clicking on this

Should work fine ?

Yes, I can enter the FAW international firmware but still I can not replay to any post because is no active button “replay”


I reworked the security settings. It should work now.


End of case, thank you, work fine now.

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same problem here… greetings, I can’t find the file of download the “ International Firmware” .
someone can help me ? I appreciate help thank you.

Go to categories- download section.


thanks G1Nt0N1C think i understand. will now download and install

Hi All, I’m hoping to get some help as well. When I click on the link for the optimus2 RC1 FAW, i get to a Google Drive page to request access, but I’m unsure if it’s actually sending a request/doing anything. I also don’t want to keep trying and send a flood of requests… Am i doing something wrong?

No, you are not doing anything wrong. you can request it If you are a trust level 2 user (this is the case) you will be granted permission to download. @Pablo11 it seems that Mr Ticks also linked to the downloads in a video… :wink:


Thanks for the help. Turns out sending a request from my phone would not work for whatever reason but worked when i tried from my computer…