Someone on another group (hmmm... watchmaker...

Someone on another group (hmmm… watchmaker… hmmm - clearing throat) asked if this watch was available for their watches. I liked the design, so I did my own quick interpretation of it. Without any more delays, here it is, the one and only… Bell & Ross BR V2-94 R.S.18!

Credits go to Bell&Ross:

Download Link:

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very nice! And a big THANK YOU for your software!

the yellow ring is only design without funktion?

@Marco_Riedner only design without function, as in the original. The only thing I changed are the 2 small hands, because there is no support for chronographs in the Clockskin engine… Originally, the right small hand would be the seconds, the left would be the minutes for the chronograph and the large yellow hand would be the chronograph’s seconds… I use the large yellow hand as seconds, the left red hand as power and the right white hand as day of week.

how do i build on WFC. all i have are a few templates but I can’t bake my own backgrounds or dials