So many watches, so little time

i am thinking of changing my smartwatch again…altough i like my kospet prime 2, it is a bit too big…so here is my question…what is the best option for the moment…camera resolution is not important, just no turning cam as on the kp2…4+64gb is a must, and as said a smaller screen than the kp2…android 10 is a minimum now, so…i am thinking lem 14 but this is already a 6 month old watch, and in watchland this is ancient…please give me your opinions…thanx

LEM15 might be good for you. I picked up a Rogbid Brave Pro (identical to LEM14).


Lokmat Appllp 4. A great watch. Lemfo LEM15. And- sorry for the flipable Cam- Kospet Optimus 2. A great watch with a great cam.


how does the battery of the optimus 2 stack up against the prime 2 ? with wifi on, BT on, simcard inserted but no data enabled and watch connected trough wifi with my hotspot created on my phone, i get about 24 hours with my prime 2…would i get this with the optimus 2 also?