So I was bored , ...

So I was bored , …


Very sophisticated.

Hello… May I suggest an improvement ?

I Think the external shiny circles are useless and overload the design. Because watches (I mean electronic watches) also have their “own” rings. So finally you got a ring within a ring… I tryed this one on my own (black D5+) watch. Does not fit well.

I don’t pretend my point of view is the right one, but if you have a look on the faces I posted, most of them do not have external rings to simulate a “real” ring.

(and the digits of the weather are blur… ;o)

Great job anyway, don’t get me wrong, just a suggestion !

Olá, bom trabalho… Eu tenho um zeblaze blitz, e, gostaria de saber se tem como eu utilizar esta face nele, se sim, você saberia me informar como?

look in the Watch Face FAQ section

Looks great, Thank you