So I got the No1 D5. I love the price and customisability.

So I got the No1 D5. I love the price and customisability.
One thing I absolutely hate is when the watch loses pairing to the phone, the phone will ring and say “Link Loss”. I assume this message is generated by the WatchHelper app you are instructed to install via QR Code found in the watch menus.

Is there any way to disable this message or more specifically the ringing noise.
It is very annoying in an office environment. Cheers.

Nope. Thats why most people don’t use this app

Then how do you forward phone notifications to your watch.

You will find here under “Round Display Friendly Apps” many alternatives. I have stopped for now on notisync. But it not perfect too , so i am searching further.
e.g. for whats app it shows only that there is a notification, but you can’t read it directly, you have to read it on the phone

Other apps need more battery. But i haven’t tested all the apps

I have a x5 ,not using watchhelper due to excessive battery drain.I use swapp link instead

@marc_bessis Thanks for suggesting swapp link. It seems to work though I seem to receive duplicate notifications. Also checking notifications is a 2 step process. Run the Swapp link app, then tap the notifications icon. Is there another, more efficient way to bring up the notifications? I think I’ll stick with it, but want to use it the most user friendly way possible.

I suggest not to connect with watch helper.put your watch in just vibrate mode.
With swapp link you have the content of your notification right on your wrist

I’ve disabled watch helper, replaced stock launcher with nova and run SWApp link like an app… I still use the stock launcher only like an app because I want to use its watch engine… Do you mean to suggest leaving SWApp link in the foreground and use its own watch engine? I’ve put some time in developing clock skins for the stock… Are they compatible with SWApp links clock engine.?

I use swapplink just for calls and notifications and use watchface s from stock

Strange… I couldn’t get notifications working until I made nova the default launcher… I might set stock back to default and try again… But do you have to run SWApp link manually to check notifications or do they pop up… Ta.

No swapplink work in the background any notification text appears on your watch. You just have, one your phone to select wich one you choose to hear

I think it’s working now. Seems it just needed a restart. Thanks.

Thanks for the info on SWApp. I have just got an X5 and have been trying to find an app that would push all notification as I find the watch helper didn’t always work. Will try this one and let you know how it works for me

On testing I still can’t get email notifications pushed to my watch. Plus no notification sound & I can’t see anything for this in the settings. Any help welcome :thinking:

Email works for me… I select gmail in the notification app selection settings… I have my watch silenced so can’t comment on that… It vibrates though. I find it drops connection a bit.

Your right it did work I thought I had it enable but just as I was about to exit the settings it went back to disable. Pressed it again and waited to make sure it didn’t charge again and it worked. Thanks

Still no sound