So got my KW88 this morning ,

So got my KW88 this morning , turned it on and its on wrist now . 1st impression , pretty impressive . Will play around during weekend .

By the way , How do turn on “always on” display on this .
Also , any must have apps for KW88. Thanks

30mins is the maximum. So just click something before 30mins to extend.

@Miguel_Tan thanks dude . Is there gesture that turns the display on ?

Only apps I have installed so far are Whatsapp and ES File Explorer. Hopefully some of the guys here can share some must-have lightweight apps which is perfect for the small screen.

Can i receive call notifications on my kw88 if its connected with my s7 as bt

There is a round app section and an FAQ section here in the community

hi all im in a market of buying smartwatch can please tell me if kw88 can be use to pair with android phones to receive calls and txt?