Smartwatsh android

Hello. Do not be tired, to all the members of the association, I would like to have one of these Android smart watches, but alas, it is not available in our country due to sanctions and other issues. It is my only wish.

Have you tried reaching out to " Santa Claus " ? . I would suggest this as a option


There is no Santa Claus in our country. Nobody helps on the day of celebration. I wish I had access to Santa Claus.

Santa Claus is global . I would give it a go


Hello. Doctor, the past joke & in my opinion, Santa Claus is an angel who is considered the right hand of God, but alas, it has been banned in our country.

Thats fair enough . Thankyou

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Hello. Please copy. World Clock. Send me a fee to install the watch
face lancher

Is any of this legal ?