Smartwatch face for dummies

Hi all,

Help! I am about as uneducated with Android, Stand Alone, Wear O/S…etc, as one can get and I need help understanding where to go to get watch faces that will work for my watch, then how exactly I go about adding them to my watch. I’ve tried everything I can think of and nothing is working. I’d like to blame the watch but it’s most likely as a result of operator error.

So in a nutshell, I purchased a LokMat X360 a few months ago because it was “iOS compatible” and I was also uneducated enough to not realize that it wasn’t truly that. Oh the problems that came. My belief is that if you say something is compatible, it’s seamless. Nonetheless, I gave it a college try and then shelved the thing until now. I have since decided that the hassle in the connectivity was too much for anyone person to deal with so I have converted the watch to the standalone it was intended to be used as but now other questions (and probably a ton) are coming.

I’ve Googled and YouTubed install articles and nothing is as “let me hold your hand and walk you through it” clear as I need it to be.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


Welcome in FAW world. You can first watch some tutorials on our YT channel :

All skins are on this forum and you’ll be able to install them after watching those tuto.

In my opinion the easiest way to install wachfaces is the app “clockskin transfer”. It can be found in the Google Playstore and must be installed on the watch.
When this is done, a connection to install watchfaces can be established from any browser. The prerequisite is that both devices are in the same WLAN network.
You will find thousands of free watchfaces on our site. Browse the different categories.