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I’m looking for a smartwatch for about $100. I might be willing to go up to $150. Refurb or used is fine. I definitely would like something thats got a fairly acurate hear rate monitor and step counter. Ecg and blood 02 would be nice but probably asking a bit much in this price range. I don’t care about taking calls on my watch but do want the ability to atleast see who is calling and the option to answer or reject would be nice. If my Tinwoo Smartwatch from Amazon for $40 can do it, I dint for see that being an issue. A keyboard function on the watch would be nice. It definitely need to receive notifications for the Workplace Messenger by Facebook app. Any advice? Oh and ill be paring it with a Samsung Note 10+.

I saw this one yesterday. This provides quite a few functions you are looking for and is less than half of what you want to spend. Yes, I know this price point usually buys rubbish but this doesn’t look too bad for the cost. I have 2 smartwatches which are both in the $200 - $300 range and have not seen this one up close … but … you never know.

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For me for your budget i would buy this

£82.58 21%OFF | KOSPET Prime SE 1GB 16GB relogio inteligente smart watch Men 1260mAh Camera Face ID 4G Android GPS Smartwatch 2020 For Xiaomi

Use watchdroid to pair with phone

Forget ecg


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As is often the case @Dr_Andy_Vishnu has provided some wisdom (again).

I also have a Prime_SE and can vouch for it’s functions and performance.


Sounds like we have a winner. I looked at the Prime and Prime 2. Prime didn’t seem worth the extra. Prime 2 looked good but really a bit more then I’d like to spend. Anyone have any feedback on the turn around time between order placement and delivery usually is?

Generally depends on where you order from (Banggood or AliExpress etc) … I ordered my Prime_SE from Banggood and that took 4 weeks (I’m in Australia) and I ordered my Ticwris Max S from AliExpress and that was over 6 weeks.

As i said … it depends on where you order and where you are located.


Ordered from AliExpress out of China and I’m in the US. Ordered today and supposedly shipped today! So time will truly tell. I couldn’t justify $70 for express shipping.


Well done, good luck with it.


Slightly off topic here but why is it running android 7? Why not WearOS? Or am I misunderstanding something?

If you’re referring to the Kospet Prime or Lemfo type 4g watches, a good number of these are full android smartwatches running Android 7.1.1. (The Prime 2 runs A10)

I’m no “Guru” but I can tell you that Wear OS is a different OS and you’ll find it on the Samsungs etc.

because if it was running wear os you would need to connect it to a phone, but since it is running full android you can use it as an independent device


By the way, Samsung watches run Tizen OS.

Depends on the Samsung watch but I know for a fact some run in wear is. I have several demos at work running wear os.

There was even a Samsung watch that could run Android 5.1… :wink:

Really :joy::joy::joy::joy: . I wonder who did that

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I have absolutly no idea.:joy:

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that has to be a secret.

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