Smallest Android Watch

I’m looking for an Android watch for my kids. I’ve had a Thor 4 Plus previously but that is too big for their wrists. Does anyone know what the smallest devices on the market are at the moment?
Thanks in advance.

Sadly for you " all " the " full android watches " that we support are big on small childrens wrists. My son wears several ( he’s nine ) and they are huge on him and hes big . However this doesnt bother him at all so its upto you.

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You might try one of the “Health” bands that are now becoming very popular. Plus they are usually under $50. Some offer a lot of additional features. Check Mr. Ticks YouTube channel, Smartwatch Ticks. He has a lot of reviews on these type of watches.

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yes its not possible to find a smol version due to the battery issues on these things.they need huge batteries in order to run properly which means that finding a smoller one is not possible.u could go for hybrids or fitness trackers tho.

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there are smartwatch for kids, imoo smartwatch here. the smartwatch have 4G, WIFI and GPS. depends on the country selected in that site it have more product than the global ones.

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I once had a Finow x3 plus for my son. The screen is slightly smaller than other Fullandroid watches (1.3 inches) and has a resolution of 360 × 360 px. The operating system is 5.1.


You can go with “Lemfo Lem 11”… that is small in screen but with full android watch…

I would personally suggest and recommend to never go for Android OS less then 6.0 or 7. Because those are not secure. I think in Finow x3 they are using 5.1. and all OS version older than 6 let applications access to camera, location, files on device, images on device. But in 6.0 and later Android version, you can control your privacy. It is in your control to allow or disallow any application accessing your location or media etc.

And for kids, this is very important that you keep them protected.

Otherwise, you can go with any device which does not allow download custom apps, but only through parent’s phone.

Decision is yours!.

my daugher is 2 and uses my old fitbit versa lite. on the smallest setting it fits ok on her wrist and she loves that its got my bitmoji for the screen. its kinda over kill for her but i dont think she would like the kids version after having a versa lite. i do love having all her sleep and heart rate data tho it does come in handy to see how she slept at night and why she is cranky :rofl:

Where can you get the Imoo smartwatch? Can’t seem to find any place that sells them.

that’s the main problem. it only available from local seller in SE Asia. Perhaps you can find it at aliexpress but i don’t know :sweat_smile:

Thanks - not a real concern anyway. I did look at aliexpress but nothing there. I’m not looking at this time to get another watch like that but was interested in how much they sell for mostly.

imoo z5 spec are SD wear 2100 with full connectivity LTE, WIFI, BT,GPS and IPX8, depends on seller on my place it starts only USD10. too cheap right? well, it made local here so no surprise. BUT if you buy it from official store it will around USD99.