Simplind, hope you like ! Download:

Simplind, hope you like !


Hello! Thanks for charging! Something for me kw88 hours is not good! Need anything else to work well?

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Atilla Beke, it works well for me! no problem. I don’t understand why you have this problem, use watchface designer program (below the link) import clock skin, try to edit, hope you done:
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Nice --but green line for battery not lined up correctly on LEM 7–can u fix

@Robert_Nicolella on My all whatces (thor 4 plus and Z9 ) no problem,
blieve me how i know can it fix up , i would do… try change launcher version.

hello i have thor 4 look the watch
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@Charbel_Chabo i have thor 4 too no problem for me!
last version universal launcher?

thor 4 official launcher i update the firmware today all clocks work yours not working


Unzip file, import watchface to WFD, try to fix.
No problem on thor 4:
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@Attila_Beke if you use universal launcher no problem,here is:

@Charbel_Chabo try to use this face with universal launcher, no problem:

@Serdar_EHLIL ok im trying now thank you