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Simpe and clear…



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Good job! Wich font is it? I like it. This face should also work on the LEM X.

work perfect on microwear h2 …font is Tall films, Plain.

@G1NT0N1C its 5 time better on watch then how it looks now in picture :smiley: :smiley:

Nice work …i like it …but its will be perfect if u add the days name

Great!!! Adapts well to the Lem4 pro. Thanks.

@jalal_nat ill add it soon. Im not home.

@Milosh_Dobrijevich :+1:t2:

@jalal_nat I added it …hope it looks good.

missing/deleted image from Google+

@Milosh_Dobrijevich thanks again :ok_hand:t2::+1:t2:

With anew update the date dispersed :disappointed_relieved:…did you tried it on your watch?missing/deleted image from Google+

Red green blue yellow please. Very nice.thx

@jalal_nat as u see I only puted my language letters… fonts, sizes are same…missing/deleted image from Google+

@beby_sarz will upload tommorow.

@jalal_nat did u tried with Eric’s launcher?

No…how…where ??:sweat_smile:

@jalal_nat install this launcher on your smartwatch and try…
it should work fine then.

@jalal_nat Do you have same problem with older versio???

@Milosh_Dobrijevich no …it’s work perfect

This is very nice.